unitunitTransverse axisTransverse axisPin Hole Collimator LAO ViewPin Hole Collimator RAO ViewunitCraniocaudal axisPin Hole Collimator Anterior ViewTransverse axisCraniocaudal axisunitunitLeftRightCorrection FactorgrTotal massunitcmcmcm5-cm markerTransverseAnteroposteriorCraniocaudalLeft  Right Thyroid Volume Calculator

Reference: Brunn J, Block U, Ruf G, Bos I, Kunze WP, Scriba PC.
Volumetric analysis of thyroid lobes by real-time ultrasound
Dtsch Med Wochenschr. 1981 Oct 9;106(41):1338-40. Link to PubMed.

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Parallel Hole Collimator Anterior View